Brescia dal CastelloPhoto: view of the city of Brescia from Cidneo Hill.
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“Only live in the present, not in the future. Do your best today, do not wait for tomorrow.”
(Pramahansa Yogananda)

Present to live waiting for the future!




Alberto Balatroni was born in Brescia in December 9, 1964, where he resided in the hills of Franciacorta until the 2017. Subsequently, after having remarried, he moved to live in São Paulo in Brazil. Just from teenagers expresses his desire to be an active part in the world of work by dedicating the school holiday periods training various jobs: boy in a petrol station, factory worker, unloader of goods in warehouses, assistant of topography, painter for a local small Company.
The first phase of his education ends with the technical graduation at the I.T.I.S. of Brescia with specialisation in Electrical engineering and with the certificate of “Analyst at times and processing methods”.
The enthusiasm and tenacity allow him to obtain a degree in Sociology with specialisation in Communication and Mass Media.  The desire to communicate with the world is also expressed through the study of several foreign languages​​, starting from English, then Spanish, the Chinese and finally the Portuguese.
From 1985 to 1986 he carried out his military service as Officer of Complement in the Carabinieri in Rome, in that context his inner change began and it would develop further when, in 1987, hired by SIP Company in Brescia he was assigned to the service customers in direct contact with the public. The passion for contact with people, the spirit of observation, curiosity for others, lead him to take a new path that will lead him to face a new career and life path.
An exhilarating work experience, from the province to the region, from northern Italy to the whole peninsula, through professional growth that will lead him to occupy managerial roles.
Priority objectives will be commercial, training and social development of the technological innovation of our times, mobile phones, cable TV, satellite TV, Internet and Digital Terrestrial Television. (TIM SpA, Spa, SEAT Pagine Gialle Spa, Telecom Italia Media Spa, LA7 Television Spa and Dahlia TV Spa) Always looking for new experiences, was engaged in the field of renewable energy sources, development of projects for public administration that will lead to the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
Latest interesting challenge in chronological order, was the project of development the WiFi networks “Cloud” in the field of hospital services.
Co-Founder of WM&C Italia, a small company from Brescia specialized in the development of innovative projects, in Marketing and Communication projects.
Co-Founder of ZA Viagens, Turismo e Eventos, operate in São Paulo (Brasil) under the brand ZAffiro Viagens e Viajar Easy, and  and Brescia (Italy) as Before 2 StArt.
In 2012 he joined Lions International, District 108 IB-2, in the Brescia Vittoria Alata Club from which he left following his transfer to Brazil.